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Hair dyes are a tool with transformative power in the hands of any professional hair colorist. They can create a new dimension and visual appeal to any woman’s look, if used with the right technique. A basic rule of thumb in the beauty industry is that a product that harms the environment will do harm to itself and more so to the MAN using it.

Non eco-friendly hair dyes in the long run can create a serious problem on the scalp.

At Eleana Thanou Beauty Coach, we invest in quality hair dye and pay special attention to the ingredients. I.C.O.N, the company I have trusted for years for the products I use in my salon services, has created a line of dyes with the environment in mind. Using the greenest ingredients combined with advanced technology, I.C.O.N has created dyes that are non-damaging to hair and the environment.

I.C.O.N’s vegan and cruelty free dyes are the basis of the color techniques at Eleana Thanou Beauty Coach. The company, wanting to reduce its impact on the environment, uses organic ingredients, and parabens and sulfates are absent. I.C.O.N’s dyes respect the environment and Man and that is exactly why I have been choosing them for my clients for years.

Vegan dyes at Eleana Thanou Beauty Coach are part of my philosophy: we want to help every woman find the hair image that represents her, without compromising her health with products of questionable quality. Quality is always our absolute priority.

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