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The holidays are here, the Christmas Gala and New Year’s Eve Gala are approaching, and we all want to be brighter than ever!

Why we want to be beautiful at the Gala

We want to be beautiful for our family, our friends, and our partner.

The Christmas Gala is one of the days of the year when we can meet loved ones we haven’t seen for a long time.

In addition, we have the perfect opportunity to spend more time and get even closer to our loved ones.

As for the New Year’s Eve Gala, we all want to welcome the New Year while being more beautiful and well-groomed than ever.

Especially since the New Year marks changes, it is the perfect opportunity for a more general renewal.

The beginning is always very important, so you must have an elevated psychology to welcome the new year.

Renewals contribute to an elevated psychology. You want to feel refreshed both at the Galas and the holiday season, as well as at the beginning of the new year.

How we can be more beautiful at the Gala

Hair caring

Hair reflect our soul and health. Therefore, our hair’s health is both about our external appearance, as well as an indication of our body’s health in general.

Apart from our nutrition, which plays a key role, proper hair care is important to maintain good health and prevent potential damage to it.


Everything starts with a good haircut. Our hair’s shape and freshness after a haircut will really elevate your psychology for the upcoming Galas.

Hair dyeing

When we think about renewing our hair style, their color definitely goes through our mind!

The holiday season is the perfect occasion to try a change in our hair.

The atmosphere of renewal, especially on New Year’s Eve Gala, is what will make you feel more confident about the changes that you have been thinking about doing for so long.


Impressive evening hairstyles offer elegance and make you different from the rest. They can improve your appearance and make you irresistible.

Our specialized partners create hairstyles of unique aesthetics, for a complete glamorous look.

Eyebrow treatment

For the holiday Galas, our face requires well-groomed and well-shaped eyebrows, without having to dedicate your precious time during the holidays for their daily care.

The shape of the eyebrows determines the structure of the face. So they are very important for our appearance and our facial features.

In addition, eyebrows are an important feature of the human face, because they express our emotions, personality and character.

Therefore, it is very important to give them the right shape, in order to communicate to others ou, self-confidence, calmness, style, etc.

Also, in certain cases we can choose a combination of specific services from those mentioned, in order to achieve the desired result.

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup techniques

We have created a wide range of eyebrow care services in order to cover even the most demanding needs.

  1. Pigmentation

One of the most natural options is the “Light Shading” on the eyebrows. The end result is as if you have slightly highlighted your eyebrows with a pencil. Ideal for all skin types

  1. Microblading or hair-by-hair

We form fine hairs, implanting dye intradermally on the skin, without it “diffusing” under the skin. Ideal for youthful skin.

  1. Dotsbrows

Using a micro needle, the shape of your eyebrows is outlined. Ideal for eyebrows that have large gaps.

  1. Nano pigmentation 3DT

A Technique performed exclusively at Eleana Thanou Beauty Coach. It’s a combination of the above techniques, which are adapted depending on the type and condition of the eyebrows. A method for extremely natural, realistic results. Suitable for all types of eyebrows.

Nail Care

Nails play a key role in the beauty, health and well-being of our body. For this reason, their care is especially important before the New Year.

Since you have to shake hands with a lot of people at crowded events like New Year’s Eve, your hands are one of the first things to be noticed.

You would definitely like your nails to be healthy, well-groomed and shiny! After all, there are many who choose some festive / Christmas details on your nails.

Something that everyone definitely pays attention to and likes. But the most important thing is that you will get more into the holiday spirit!

For nail care we choose from a variety of techniques depending on each case. At Eleana Thanou BC we have created a wide range of nail care services to meet even the most demanding needs, both for the hands and the feet.

So, we offer techniques about the nail caring of our hands:

  • Simple manicure

Filing, under nail polish, buffer, varnish (plain or vegan), moisturising hand cream, nourishing oil, 5’ massage.

  • Semi-permanent manicure

Filing, under nail polish, buffer, semi-permanent varnish (simple or vegan), moisturising hand cream, nourishing oil, 5′ massage.

  • Simple Express Manicure

Filing, buffer, simple varnish, nourishing oil.

  • Semi-permanent Express Manicure

Filing, buffer, semi-permanent varnish (plain or vegan), nourishing oil.

In addition, with the special upper nail care services, we offer you:

French Manicure, Nail techniques, Long Lasting Varnish – Vegan and Removal of Semi-Permanent Manicure.

In addition we provide artificial nail services, such as:

Gel with Form – Natural Enhancement, Artificial Nail Care, Artificial Nail Removal & 20 Day Treatment and Broken Nail Repair.


Last in line before the Gala, but just as important as the previous ones, is the makeup.

There is no woman who goes without makeup to the holiday Galas. Even those who live at home in a close family environment do light make-up.

Makeup does not need exaggerations. In fact, most women do not need intense makeup and it can damage their skin.

However, the makeup is the one that will highlight the features of your face and will tie all the changes you made before in harmony, with the most basic the eyebrows one.

Also, a good professional make-up will give you extra joy and confidence!

Therefore, what you need before the Gala is Makeup formal.

We will do all the necessary light shading with special attention. It’s exactly what you need for a night out!


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Choose the service that suits you from our rich catalogue and leave yourself at the experienced hands of the professional nail care employees of ETBC.



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