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Hair has a superior wisdom. Just a little change in your eating habits, your mood, the amount of time you spend sleeping, the amount of water you consume and they immediately react. Hair never lies. If a product, treatment or grooming method doesn’t suit them, they express it by being unruly, looking dull and limp.

They therefore deserve a unique way of caring for them: treatments that adequately meet their needs and are tailored to their characteristics. The Mixology intensive hair treatment that you will only find at our place carries exactly this philosophy.

The specific, personalized hair treatment you can enjoy at our place is based on a blend of ingredients that aim to give your hair all the ingredients it lacks to be healthy, shiny and strong.

The steps of the Mixology treatment

Before the treatment begins, your hair’s needs are diagnosed and then a blend is created to give your hair the energy boost it needs. The treatment takes 40 minutes and the process is sure to leave you feeling relaxed.

No treatment has long lasting results if it is not done periodically. Prioritize the health of your hair and include treatments like Mixology in your annual hair care plan. Your hair will thank you.

The ingredients in the mixture applied to the hair have nourishing and healing properties, are respectful of the environment and penetrate deep into the scalp to provide deep hydration.

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