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At the height of summer, hair care becomes even more important. In the summer, sun and salt exposure may be a priority that the body and soul seek to decompress from the stress of winter, however, these two external factors (sun & salt water) can stress hair, making it look damaged and limp.

ETBC suggests two treatments that combine rejuvenation, nourishment, detoxification and protection: the Mixology treatment and the Detox treatment.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

Mixology, the rejuvenating and nourishing

This personalized hair treatment offers exactly what your hair needs to be healthy, shiny and strong.

Before treatment begins, your hair needs are diagnosed, and then a blend of ingredients with therapeutic properties tailored to your needs is applied to your hair. The treatment lasts 40 minutes and offers a relaxing experience that will leave your hair fully hydrated.

Detox, detoxifying and refreshing

The Detox treatment is the ultimate treatment suggestion to offer your hair freshness, shine and reconstruction from prolonged exposure to external factors.

During this treatment, priority is given to cleansing and detoxifying the hair from bacteria and styling residues. After cleansing, a treatment is applied that restores the balance of the scalp and stimulates blood circulation, providing a feeling of freshness and vitality.

Treatments-investment for hair health

With the intensive Mixology and Detox treatments, we can counteract the damage to the hair caused by the external factors of summer and preserve its natural beauty. It’s important to choose products and treatments that respect the health of our hair, because… hair never lies. Invest in the health and care of your hair, and you will enjoy the healthy and shiny version of your hair, throughout the summer and beyond!

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