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Makeup is a tool to transform our image and at the same time, a vehicle in every woman’s personal beauty journey. It is an art that you learn step by step and evolve through time. It changes as the seasons change. New trends come along, new beauty products, new techniques. If a woman has an opinion on the above, she can elevate her image and make herself the perfect companion on her beauty journey.

Our face is a canvas on which we can paint wonderful “works of art”. With the right brushes and the right colours, we can even change the “geometry” of our face.

Make Up Advising at Eleana Thanou Beauty Coach is waiting for you to discover the strong elements of your face and bring them out through 2 seminars at my place

1) Make Up Advising BASIC


2) Make Up Advising ADVANCED


In more detail:


-You will get to know all the makeup brushes and their function

-You will learn the function of all the makeup products that should not be missing from every woman’s makeup kit.

-You will learn all the basic makeup rules and the strong facial features to bring out your strong facial features in every make up look.

At Make Up Advising  ADVANCED

-You will learn to create your own makeup looks for every occasion

-You will be introduced to the secrets of face painting, gaining the skill to change the “geometry” of your face through makeup

-You will practice using makeup products by practicing with me.

Upon completion of both stages, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

With me you will love your unique face from the beginning! I am waiting for you!


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