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Lash lift, the technique that women love and has become a megatrend in the beauty world. The lash lift technique, Lash lift, gives an impressive boost to the volume of the eyelashes without creating an exaggerated effect.

It’s value for money and long lasting (two elements that have made it highly sought after in recent years!). In fact, its duration is even longer if you treat your lashes with care immediately after the completion of the technique by the professional you have trusted.

As a beauty coach, my priority is to give you tools to become your own beauty experts yourself. Follow these 3 tips below to give your lash lift results a longer lasting effect and enjoy the look it brings to your lashes!

1. Avoid water vapor and water in the eye area for 24 hours after the technique.

Lash lift does not love moisture at all once it is applied to your lashes. Avoid washing your face and any situation that may expose you to water vapor.

2. Avoid mascara for 24 hours. Allow the effect to set first and avoid beauty products on the lash area for the first 24 hours after the technique.

3. Demake-up with products that do not contain oils. In the first period after the technique, try to “lock in” the result, avoiding products that can destabilize it!


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