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Every person carries their own path through time. It is the look that most often reveals our story and leaves the most powerful imprint on those around us. The eye area, especially the eyebrows, can send out a message that unintentionally may not be what we represent.

Eyebrows downward, too thin or almost non-existent, placed on the face in a position that does not agree with the overall geometry of the face, can grossly unfair to our image and express something we are not in reality.

If reading the above lines recognizes a thought that occasionally crosses your mind, then the following may also be of interest to you.

Your eyebrows can erase their old history and get a new self with my signature ETBC BROWS technique. Well-shaped and symmetrical eyebrows, perfectly adapted to the geometry of your face.

The ETBC Brows (Nanopigmentation) technique is an investment for your image, since it offers you a long-lasting solution. After it, makeup products for the brow area will be put aside and you will feel a great release in your image.

It is the ideal time to go for this particular eyebrow micro tinting technique, as we are approaching the summer season and your main concern will understandably be sea dives, sunbathing and total relaxation.

The ETBC Brows technique is completely painless and quick and no products are required for the healing period. Immediately afterwards, you will be able to resume your same day commitments without the slightest stress about protecting the result from external factors.

Let’s briefly look at its advantages:

-It has a duration of at least 2 years

-It is absolutely painless.

-It takes 30 minutes to apply

It takes 2 sessions (on average) for a long-lasting result

-There are no irritations

-The result is not affected by the sun and the sea

-You do not need products for the healing process

Give yourself a great gift for your image and try to put an end to temporary beauty solutions. Long-lasting solutions save time, money and energy. Your face will begin to emit a different message to those around you and be sure that this will only bring good things!

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