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I am Cleopatra Thanou and I have been active in the beauty industry for about 18 years.

Image Maker is the mirror of my personal aesthetics and the way I have learned to work and see the world. Ever since I can remember myself, I have noticed the details that others could not easily see. I loved to penetrate into the beauty of things. Everything to me was special and had its own unique identity.

I worked hard to learn the little secrets of the beauty industry and educated myself in many areas. The road to recognition is far from easy, it requires endless hours of work, large doses of perseverance and patience.

Harmony and symmetry became two tools of work that pushed me forward and brought me to this point: the day I opened my own space that is exactly as I dreamed it would be. Bright, harmonious, relaxing and ready to inspire every person who crosses its threshold.

Image Maker has been loved from the very first moment

At Image Maker, one can enjoy limb and facial services and indulge in the relaxation of a refreshing massage that restarts one’s energy.

With each passing day, I plan new things that in time will join the Image Maker’s group of benefits.

It is very important in this life, to choose to engage in work that expresses your personality and philosophy on life.

I have tried very hard, both myself and my esteemed partner, Eleana Thanou, who is with me in this business venture to put a lot of love into it. To respect the people who will trust us and do them justice for their choice. To teach them to take a lot of time for themselves without thinking they are “stealing” it from somewhere else. To enjoy every moment of care they receive.

I want to introduce you to my world of beauty. The protagonists will always be you!

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