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The thought that a woman at a special time in her life such as her wedding day – whether it is religious or civil – will turn to me for her Bridal Look fills me with joy and excitement.

As a beauty coach, I want to focus on the essence and speak honestly and accurately to the woman who trusts me with her image. To realistically see the potential of her facial anatomy and hair characteristics.

My ultimate goal: the Bridal Look she has always dreamed of, the one that represents her aesthetic and expresses her soul.

We start with the basics…

We can’t talk about an impressive hairstyle with longevity if the hair is dehydrated and damaged. The bride-to-be should be aware of their needs (I even recommend having taken the YOUR REMEDY app test that I designed and it detects the treatment a woman’s hair needs based on her daily habits! She’ll only find it at Eleana Thanou Beauty Coach!)

Two trends, two styles -Find the one that suits you

For spring and summer 2023, there are two trends I recommend for women getting ready for the special party of a lifetime!

Bridal Looks this year are governed by two mainstays: romance and glamour! These two axes are reflected in two trends that have my signature: the CRYSTAL BEAUTY trend and the HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR trend.

CRYSTAL BEAUTY: The Bridal Look here is light, almost transparent, romantic and girly. I highly recommend it for weddings that will have a sea breeze. The hairstyle and make up will have a fairy cool, fairy tale-like freshness! Salty hair and makeup in pastel and nude tones!

HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR: The Bridal Look here is seductive, straight out of a Hollywood period film. Applying the NEW WAVY hairstyle influenced by Hollywood glamour and MAKE UP METRIC (my signature makeup that is based on persona), the result will blow you away.

If your wedding day is approaching, I’m waiting for you to join me to find the trend that suits your features.

I want to create the perfect combination of hairstyle and makeup that will accompany you for many hours, on one of the happiest days of your life!


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