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Imagine a face dehydrated, full of impurities, dull and tired and a make up artist wanting to create a stunning, long-lasting effect on it. Will he succeed, do you think?

The answer is that, even if he is very experienced, he cannot work wonders on a face that is starving for hydration, rest, glow and rejuvenation. The same is true for hair. No hairstylist, no matter how experienced, can camouflage with the hairstyle that will create the problem in damaged, dull, wild and limp hair.

Many women who are in the process of preparing for their wedding day are looking for the perfect hairstyle that will work seamlessly with their wedding dress, makeup and the “theme” of the wedding.

With the Salon Sauna, the nutrients penetrate the inside of the hair through heat

They do not pay attention to the health of their hair, resulting in a bridal hairstyle that does not look as impressive as they would like.An intensive hair treatment, highly relaxing, will make pre-wedding hair care an enjoyable process.

The salon sauna allows nutrients, through heat, to penetrate the hair’s interior, revitalizing it from root to tip.

It reconstructs broken hair, enhancing its growth. The treatment is a particularly popular choice for women in the pre-summer period, because it masterfully prepares the hair before exposure to the sun and salt.

The salon sauna uniquely erases the hair’s bad past and gives a boost of shine and softness. Book your appointment now and prepare your hair properly before your bridal hairstyle!

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