Beauty Aesthetics

Let yourself free in the hands of our experienced staff for fabulous results!

Beauty Aesthetics

For perfect eyebrows, upper lip waxing and makeup, you are in expert hands of the ETBC professionals!

Our experienced staff are ready to refresh your look and offer you a unique experience of relaxation and beauty!

Enjoy the high-quality facial treatment we offer and impress!

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Beauty Aesthetics – Eyebrow Shaping

The shape of the eyebrows is of great importance for the appearance of a woman’s face.

Trust ETBC’s experienced hands for shaping your eyebrows that will highlight your facial features and take off your appearance!

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Beauty Aesthetics – Eyebrow Wax

Make your facial features striking and your look impressive!

Now, with the eyebrow waxing technique offered by the experienced professionals of ETBC, we take care of your appearance with a deep cleansing of your eyebrows!

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Beauty Aesthetics – Upper Lip Wax

Get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip with the waxing technique offered by experienced ETBC partners.

Make your lips look stunning and smile, and refresh your facial appearance using our exclusive service! Book your appointment today and refresh your facial appearance!

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Beauty Aesthetics – Make-up

For beautiful and glamorous appearances on any occasion, you are in expert hands of ETBC professionals and ask for the make-up that will highlight the natural features of your face.

Try everyday or formal make-up and choose the extra lashes for seductive looks!

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Beauty Aesthetics – Semi permanent eyebrow make up

Refresh your face with the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup offered by ETBC. Our beauty professionals offer you all the modern semi-permanent micropixel and microblading eyebrow makeup techniques.

Get the youthful and seductive look that you dream of, painlessly, without irritations and with results that will amaze you!

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