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Discipline is the basis of progress for me. A goal cannot be achieved if there is no methodicalness and our effort is not systematic. This philosophy applies everywhere, even in our hair care. Many women believe that a single treatment is enough to make a big difference to their hair and erase their bad past.

This is something that is not true and any professional who claims to be able to achieve this should redefine what they believe. A treatment done very sparingly on hair with high demands is important but has no magical properties. It cannot change their appearance overnight.

Elasticity and shine in hair with the Anti-Aging treatment

A series of treatments, however, can indeed make a difference.

I created two ANTI-AGING treatment packages aimed at rebuilding hair from the ground up. The treatments include all the nutrients the hair needs to regenerate: to gain more elasticity, shine and regain its lost youthfulness. I should note that the ANTI-AGING treatment package is also ideal for women who have noticed a change in the texture of their hair after pregnancy.

The Anti-Aging treatment includes all the necessary nutrients to rebuild the hair

Each treatment package includes 4 sessions. One of the two packages, includes a bonus treatment and that is why there is a price differentiation.

I look forward to seeing you at Eleana Thanou Beauty Coach to erase the bad past of your hair that is hungry for revitalization and shine. By building the right grooming routine, the results will surprise you!

I can promise spectacular results provided you are consistent in our sessions. Follow my instructions and the rewards will be deeply satisfying!

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