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If you are a professional in the world of beauty, it is exciting to travel in order to discover new sources of inspiration that can renew the way you see things. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Vigo, Spain, headquarters of I.C.O.N., the leading quality hair care and styling products company. The experience I had was on many levels: it not only offered rejuvenation to the soul and body, but also great opportunities for learning and personal development.

My first stop in Vigo was at the I.C.O.N. Academy, where I had the opportunity to attend valuable trainings. For me, this academy is a “centre of excellence” for professionals who want to develop in the field of hair care and styling. There, I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with my colleagues and discover new paths in the world of beauty.

The trainings I received raised my personal bar even higher. I confirmed within myself that my yearning to learn always leads me to the right places and the right people to develop me. During the trip, I had the opportunity to visit the best hair salons in Vigo. There I met with talented professionals who dedicate a part of themselves to the development of our field. I was impressed by their passion and their dedication to providing top-notch service inspired me. They masterfully incorporate new trends and techniques into their work and create small works of art in their clients’ hair.

Every professional in the beauty industry should know that the “key” to providing the highest quality services to their clients is only evolution. I.C.O.N representatives shared with us their knowledge and introduced us to new products and techniques. In fact, I was lucky and privileged to try them on my own hair and the result I saw, I promise to offer it to my clients’ hair as well. From the I.C.O.N. academy and the accomplished professional hair stylists I met in Vigo, I drew inspiration that will accompany me on my journey in the beauty industry and encourage me to constantly seek evolution and innovation.

My return to Greece found me ready to make use of all the new tools given to me by the hair care experts in the beautiful city of Spain. I am ready to bring my experience to my clients and create unique moments of care and relaxation for them. I will always keep in mind that the hair salon that stands out is the one that is a true source of inspiration for the people who trust it for their hair care. Beyond good techniques and high quality products, it has to offer an experience that touches their hearts.

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