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The pedicure is the basis of good health of your lower limbs and at the same time, an irresistible detail in a woman’s image.

A professional nail artist will aim for the perfect result but its maintenance is in your hands! The tips below will not only protect the pedicure you just had, but will enhance the health of your feet, keeping them soft for longer.

Pedicure, a valuable foot care treatment


Wear comfortable shoes. Not only will your pedicure last longer, but you will feel more comfortable during the day.

-Frequently exfoliate and moisturize. Your feet will be healthy and silky.

-Remember to put moisturizer on your feet daily. Extra tip: Before bed, try putting on a good amount of cream or Vaseline and then put on your socks (you’ll thank us afterwards!).

-Remember that a regular pedicure by a professional contributes greatly to the health of your feet and regardless of the season, the ideal frequency is every three weeks.

A pedicure is a valuable foot care treatment, important for their appearance through the year. Invest in it and indulge in its beneficial properties! You deserve it.


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